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Why Go For It Now


Confident & engaging Presenters requires different work models - They werent born that way


Only optimal internal & external communication will lead to success


Companies & professionals need new communication skills to retain talent and thrive in the new normal


Our unique methodology combines strategy, training, and personal guidance to help organizations and professionals strengthen communications skills and tap into their full potential.

“With a spice rack of professional, practical, and transformational tools, we help people to extract their unique abilities.”
Idit Neuderfer

The RedHead Method™


The Redhead Method improved every aspect of my lecture, training me like a Rock Star: body language, wordsmithing, messaging. The Ginger Spice works, even for someone as experienced as I am.
Andrei Yosef, Ph.D
General Manager Pharmaceutical Solutions
The Redhead Method is phenomenal. It shows your team how to connect with all kinds of personality so that your messages will be heard. In our company seminar, I learned how to use my natural voice, tone, pitch and body language in every kind of conversation—with amazing results. I recommend the Redhead Method training for every level of staff. It’ll be the most productive investment for your entire company.
Elizabeth Macdonald
Senior Sales Executive with Infrastructure, BI, Big Data & Monitoring Expertise
This course is a MUST. By using real-life scenarios, practical approaches and methodologies, we learned tremendous communication skills that could dazzle any manager. The Redhead Method opened our minds across our company, taught us how to call for action. Undoubtedly, this is THE BEST in its class.
Shay Laslo Amit
Product Management
We’re all experts at what we do. The question is how we tell our story. The Redhead Method sessions brought keen focus and creativity, teaching me how to pique audience curiosity. My pitches are now colorful and different in what I tell—and how I tell it.
Idit Eshkar-Oren, PhD
VP R&D OCON Healthcare
My company connected me to the Redhead Method program to bolster my communication/presentation skills. The technique lifted my confidence and self- esteem in how to present masterfully—and in English. How to present myself, our product, company, how to sharpen messages and body language. Tailored to my needs and goals, the program translated into immediate tangible results, from high-stakes conferences to daily meetings.
Shahar Nordia
VP Digital health, Eitan Medical
I’ve won multiple prizes in the US and Europe, beat out fierce competition on the New York City stage—success I couldn’t have achieved without the Redhead Method training. With world-class tools to hone my pitch and read the room, I engaged investors to secure funds and grow our company.
Or Retzkin
Co-Founder & CEO at EyeControl

Our Solutions

Communication & Presentation skills


Immediate change by refining personal & business skills

An in-person process for managers to bolster personal & business communication & presentation skills.


Long-term impact by cultivating personal & business communication skills

An in-person process to refine personal & business communication skills and strengthen leadership

Communicate better in the office & remotely.


Strengthen personal & business presence

An engaging introduction session and interactive workshop for real-time practice with team presentations & meetings.


The Communication Roadmap

Map current in–house communication skills; Develop & implement individual communication roadmap.

Communication Roadmap


Your Benefits

Individual Professionals

Come across as more charismatic, convincing, and engaging. Speak confidently to people with the right tone of voice.


Communicate better in the office and with remote employees and teams. Create a support system for the new hybrid work reality.


Build & strengthen the corporate culture & image. Foster more confident and inspired employees.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Empowering organizations/
professionals worldwide
Upgraded their
performance skills
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Organizations increased employee performances
Executives inspired to
achieve organizational goals
Of CEOs gained confidence to present, interview and fundraise
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The RedHead method, developed by Idit Neuderfer, combines strategy, training, and personal guidance for companies, employees, and individual professionals.

It helps  sharpen messages, strengthen communication/presentation skills and motivate personal growth.

Our method is taught in-person or virtually by the RedHead team.

“Our mission is to help every participant attain full communication potential for personal and professional success”

Idit Neuderfer


About Idit Neuderfer

Passionate CEO/Founder of The Redhead Method

I just love what I do. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s absolutely true. I founded this company because acting in the limelight didn’t provide enough satisfaction. I wanted to share what I’d learned and empower others to shine.

13 yeats ago I’ve fashioned a cocktail of tools and techniques I collected along the way through 20 years of acting on television and the stage, championing marketing and sales, writing scripts and presentations, and honing my skills in meditation, mindfulness, dance and NVC (non-verbal communication).

And now I welcome you to my Redhead world.
Idit Neuderfer Founder & Ceo The RedHead Method™
Ori Levanon Empowerment Expert Coach

About Ori Levanon

Empowerment Expert Coach

Ori is our ‘Binge Presentation’ Guy who transforms banal messages into phenomenal result-oriented pitches.

Ori brings a set of professional skills gleaned from  the stage, both as actor and scriptwriter. Blending that with a high EQ disarms cynicism.

About Rachel Peckmann

Customer Success & Ginger Spice Manager

It’s hard not to fall in love with Rachel.

Rachel is our problem–solver, magic maker, and masterful juggler.

She pulls the program strings, calibrating to our client’s hectic day-to-day schedule and ensures program flow.

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